Sunday, 24 November 2013


After years of following blogs I thought I’d attempt to start one myself. After ironing for the last 3 hours on a Sunday I thought screw it lets get started.

I’ve decided that after the hours of searching through buggy reviews and star ratings that I’ve print screened and compared, then re print screened and re compared because I’ve lost track of what animal related buggie I’ve looked at already (referring to the bugaboo ghekko/ donkey/ bee/ chameleon) someone else out there must feel as lost as I do. Maybe writing down ideas and discussing my progress pre pregnancy/ during and post pregnancy times could be fun and exciting (plus my I-pad print screens are getting ridiculous so I need somewhere to get it all down and organised).

Since recently starting baby planning and scouting the internet for anything I should and could ever need, I feel I’ve gone round and round in circles, from looking at everything from breast pads to storage boxes. All of these ideas are buzzing round in my head and I need to get them out somewhere. I will apologise now as I’m not the best writer in the world but hopefully that’s not what your attention will be so much on!

I don’t know if anyone will ever see these posts but I’m sure SOMEONE out there will be doing the same as I did and googled everything possible baby related. It’s fair to say I’ve become baby obsessed. It’s mixing all blogs I’ve followed previously in one. So expect to see posts relating to Interior décor, fashion, gadgets and lifestyle all kind of rolled into one.

I just need to decide where to start!

Maybe a little bit about me might be a good place. My names Catherine, I’m 23, a Visual Merchandiser and live in Milton Keynes. I like all things fashion, interior deco related, arty farty stuff as my O.H likes to call it. So here's a photo of us, and on with the baby talk!!

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